RATS ASCENDANT: Book 2 in a series


It's book two in the series, and the rats below are on the move.Ex Army veteran Kahle Desireau returned from the Bosnian War haunted by his childhood gift. He pursues Bee Wasikowska to Motomax, an Ohio factory, only to be caught in the riptide as it threatens to fall, and take the town of Frampton with it. Overtime is scarce, the workforce is unsettled, and plans for a turnaround might finish them off for good.For Ex Army veteran Eli Steiner, WWII draws closer. And his family has a new challenge; their business struggles as old friends turn against them. Dill and Everett come of age, straining to have their own lives. These are dark times. If you can't count on family, who can you count on?With two futures on a collision course, seventy years is a moment in time.