REVOLT OF THE RATS: Book 1 in a series


“The past is never dead. It's not even past.” William Faulkner

Since he was a child, Kahle Desireau has seen auras - including the “black smoke” from the dying. In 1998 he returns from the Bosnian War to pursue the girl of his dreams to a manufacturing plant in Frampton, Ohio.
It’s a factory town where the factory is failing. He fights to win her love, and prevail in a rebellion to save them all.

WWI veteran Eli Steiner can dream the future. It’s 1932 when the Great Depression arrives with the force of a tsunami. His savings are exhausted. The banks aren't lending. Bedridden with smallpox, he fights to keep his farm. His wife, Judith, and young son will determine if they live or die.

With two lives on a collision course, seventy years is a moment in time.

Book one in a series of dark fantasy.