LIKE A FERAL DOG: Book 1 in a series

LIke a Feral Dog

Tait Gonzales is broke and starving when her friend, Manny, calls from the county lockup.

She tells him to get a lawyer. “I can only work with the dead.”

That’s perfect. Because the only person who can exonerate him is lying on a slab in the morgue.

She accepts when he names a figure that’s more than two months of groceries.

Is Manny lying?

To find the truth, she’ll have to dig like a feral dog.

THE PROPHETESS: Book 2 in a series

Tait Gonzales (7)

Tait Gonzales is unemployable. Her parents are gone, and her college loans are due.

Fortunately, she's also a psychic.

When a dark-haired stranger shows up for a reading with a bad vibe and a dead brother, she sees a chance for a different life.

By the time it’s over, she’ll either get rich or die trying.

GIVE A MAN A MASK: Book 3 in a series

Tait Gonzales (10)

“I can only work with the dead.” That’s the explanation Tait Gonzales gives when a young mother, Megan, approaches her about rescuing a kidnapped daughter. “Call the cops.”

Megan can’t. There’s complications. Ten hours from now, she and her boyfriend are supposed to deliver one million dollars in meth profits to the kidnappers. Otherwise, they’re never going to see their daughter again.

Tait's their last hope.

Hard at work laundering money, Tait doesn’t see herself as a savior. She’s a psychic. Barely into her twenties, she’s left a string of broken bodies behind. When the whole thing goes sideways she’ll see what she’s made of, and what she’s willing to sacrifice.

WAKE THE NIGHT: Book 4 in a series

Tait Gonzales (6)

Detective Thomas Royce ( like the car) is one of the police department's most successful officers. That’s why in the course of investigating a local bank robbery, he’s convinced Tait Gonzales is somehow involved.

When Tait meets Royce it’s hatred at first sight.

And it’s more. Because his bravado hides a history so dark, his shadows have shadows. Raised by his grandmother when his widowed mother disappeared, the pain lingers. Even while he stuffs the memory away.

But the past is never really gone. For Tait and for Royce, everything they’ve held back is coming to a head. When it explodes, their lives may go with it.

There's a price to pay when you wake the night.